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Tiny Kitchen is currently on hiatus as we relocate from Brooklyn to Asheville, North Carolina.
Thank you to all of our New York City customers! We will miss you!
what we believe
Food is good, and sharing it with others makes it better. But our modern-day factory farming system is threatening that simple truth and damaging our planet and our well-being.

Tiny Kitchen is committed to taking back our food supply. We're careful about what meat, poultry and seafood to include on our menus, and we source those ingredients from likeminded purveyors. We shop local and in season, and choose small over big.

Luckily, while we're working hard to save the earth, we're making more exciting, better-tasting food.

where we learn
Farm Forward / Marion Nestle / Mark Bittman / Michael Pollan / Seafood Watch / Slow Food