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Tiny Kitchen is currently on hiatus as we relocate from Brooklyn to Asheville, North Carolina.
Thank you to all of our New York City customers! We will miss you!
event options
Tiny Kitchen offers several levels of event service, including a fully staffed event, with bartenders, servers or buffet attendants, and kitchen staff; smaller parties with onsite caterer only to set up and maintain a buffet; or drop-off food. Platters, bar setup and linens are available for the first two options, along with rented or eco-friendly disposable plates, flatware and cups. For drop-off service, food is packaged in boxes for you to set out yourself; platters are not included. Tiny Kitchen has catered events in apartments and homes of all sizes, rooftops, offices, theatres, parks and stores, and is ideally suited for parties between 10 and 100 people.

A sampling of seasonal offerings can be found here, but specific menu options will be developed for your event.

event inquiries
Please include the following information, if possible:
date and approximate time
location (including area/neighborhood and type of venue)
anticipated number of guests
budget (if any)
specific food requests