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Tiny Kitchen is currently on hiatus as we relocate from Brooklyn to Asheville, North Carolina.
Thank you to all of our New York City customers! We will miss you!
weekly delivery
Tiny Kitchen offers fresh-cooked meals delivered several times week. Created as a service for new parents, home delivery is great for any household with a busy schedule, a yearning for healthy variety and takeout ennui. Meals generally include an entree, two side dishes and a salad and are portioned to feed a couple with modest leftovers. Seasonal, organic produce and antiobiotic-free meat are used whenever possible. Food preferences, including vegetarian, gluten-free or simply likes and dislikes, can be accommodated. Sample meals are updated regularly on Facebook. Prices start at $60 a night per couple.

bulk delivery

For those outside the regular delivery zone, one-time deliveries are available for a week's worth of food (or more)—great as a gift for brand-new parents with unpredictable eating schedules. Meals include an entree and two side dishes. Roughly half of the meals are fresh, while the other half are frozen with reheating instructions. Prices start at $300 for six different meals of three to four portions each.

special meals

Tiny Kitchen offers custom special occasion meal delivery, with a set menu for Valentine's Day and other holidays. Please inquire for details.